The Easi Picker is an innovative patented pallet storage/retrieval system which is installed within your new or existing racking structure, creating a safer and more efficient way for your staff to pick stock/products.

The Easi Picker is a fixed unit that extends from the front face of the racking structure, this enables your staff to access the product without entering the racking structure. The unit reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by eliminating the need for personnel to over-reach and climb within the racking structure to retrieve product.

Each unit is supplied with a handle and holder to pull the unit out. There are 3 standard versions of the Easi Picker – Flat Top, Flat Rotating Top and Flat Rotating Spring Elevated Top.

Rotating Top variants must be fully extended out from the rack face before the table top can be rotated. The table top can then be rotated 360 degrees giving the user access to all the palletised product.

Easi Pickers have the ability not only to accommodate standard pallets but they can be supplied with optional Tote/carton Separators, Equipment/Product Holders, Roller Supports, etc. We can also supply the units to suit straddle lifters.