Titan 90

Vacuum Lifter Sheet Steel Victory Titan

The VICTORY TITAN & TITAN 90 for when the heavy sheet lifting needs to be done, with capacities up to 1000kg this one takes all the effort out of the task and makes handling of steel sheet easy for a single operator. No more getting help from other staff already busy in their own area, the TITAN range has got you covered with both horizontal handling and options of 90° tilting. With Musculoskeletal injuries out of control both in Australia and around the world the VICTORY TITAN is the perfect way to help reduce the occurence of Muskulskeletal Disorders (MSD’s) in the workplace. MSD’s are costing the country around $55 billion per year with over 6 million Australians already impacted, with a more than 40% projected increase in cases over the next 20 years it will be the companies that are not dealing with it now that will be paying the price of not acting before it was too late. Plenty of options to consider, give us a call or get in touch via the CONTACT US page to see what will work best for you.

VICTORY TITAN 90° – 500kg, 8 Pad

Model: VTSL-500-8-2M-P-90
Description: 500kg Capacity, 90° Tilt, 8 Pad, 2 metre main beam, Power: Compressed Air

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VICTORY TITAN 90° – 300kg, 6 Pad

Model: VTSL-300-6-2M-P-90
Description: 300kg Capacity, 90° Tilt, 6 Pad, 2 metre main beam, Power: Compressed Air

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