Introducing our cutting-edge vacuum lifter, a versatile and powerful solution designed to revolutionize your lifting needs. With remarkable specifications, this innovative equipment can handle large panels up to 8 meters in length and 300kg weight, providing ultimate convenience during operations. The 12V battery-powered lifter offers freedom and flexibility while fitting panels into place. Its remote control system ensures easy vacuum control and smooth panel release. Accommodating various roof protrusions, the vacuum pads allow for precise adjustments. Safety and efficiency are prioritized, with a power-efficient vacuum pump, battery level indicator, and audible/visible alarms. Versatility is key, with options for forklift mounting and crane compatibility. Experience unmatched performance, precision, and safety with our vacuum lifter, elevating productivity and efficiency to new heights.

Lifting Specifications:

    • Panels up to 8 metres in length and 300kg.
    • Vacuum lifter is 12V battery powered to allow more freedom when fitting panels into place.
    • Vacuum is controlled by a remote control to allow for easier operation when releasing the roof panel remotely.
    • Caters for installed A/C, vents or other roof protrusions.
    • Vacuum pads can be easily moved to allow for different positions of roof cutouts or fittings.
    • Power efficient: Vacuum pump turns off when vacuum level achieved and only comes on again if levels drop.
    • Battery level indicator to allow plenty of notice for a battery charge.
    • Audible and visible alarm (Red/Green lights) so you know what status the vacuum level is.
    • Can be forklift mounted using forklift jib (optional fork tyne pockets available).
    • Need a crane? We can sort that as well.

TYPICAL PRODUCT HANDLED: Caravan and motorhome roof panels (non-porous)